About us

About us

A bit of history

The workshop located in the Sainte Catherine district is the place where the roaster-chocolate maker Frederic Blondeel launched his own production of Bean-to-Bar chocolate in 2013. After his departure, the remaining team decided to continue the journey by applying all of its experience and know-how with a new concept: Pure Chocolate from Pure Origine and under the new name “Atelier Sainte Catherine”.


Based on its own concept, the Atelier Sainte Catherine developed the ”Pure Origine” chocolate range. The intention while creating the chocolates is to preserve as much as possible the original cocoa flavours. The beans come from exceptional terroirs and necessarily from the same plantation, whose soil gives the bean its character. Each chocolate obtained in this way is unique. Its taste depends on the specific characteristics of a terroir, the local climatic conditions and the year of harvest.

To go even further in the discovery of the delicate flavours of these exceptional beans, we are currently working on the Bean-to-Ganache concept, Pure Origine ganache.